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Sandals Production, Create Your Own Stylish Sandals (11 Quick easy steps)

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Sandals production, it sounds like a strenuous task but its actually pretty easy, here are THE REQUIRED STEPS NEEDED IN SANDALS PRODUCTION.

First of you’ll need :

  • Top bond gum: This is for attaching both the nora (the sole) and leather together.
  • Buckle: For holding the two ends together with the pin into the punched holes.
  • Tape: For measuring the leather.
  • Sandal pin: For holding the design.
  • Brush: For applying the gum.
  • Biro/Pen: For making the nora to the exact shape of the sole.
  • Blade: This is used for cutting the nora.
  • LAX: For measurement of size.
  • File: For smoothing the sides of the leather sandals after joining.
  • Scissors: For cutting leather.
  • Ink: For coloration.


  • First off place the sole of the nora.
  • Trace the shape of the shape of the sole on the nora with biro/pen to get exact shape of the sole.
  • Place the traced part on the lax to measure the size and cut the traced part with scissors.
  • Apply the top gum on the surface of the nora and sole, and leave for 30 minutes to dry.
  • Join the nora and the sole together.
  • Measure the length of the back crossing for a desired size using the lax..
  • Measure the length center crossing using the lax.
  • Measure the toe crossing for comfort
  • Then open the front crossing, back crossing position with razor blade and use the top bond gum to attach them to their various positions to create sandals, and apply desired ink color and allow to dry
  • Punch the back crossing side and attach the buckle with a razor blade.
  • And lastly file the sides of the sandals.

And there you have it just like that your sandals is ready!!

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