Saturday, February 24

How To Make Paint Yourself (Quick easy steps)

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So for some reason either school, work or fun related you want to create some paint.

Well you’re in luck! Here is the quickest way to make some good ol paint with little to no amount of effort.

Now to begin you’re going to need the following tools and materials:


  • Buckets
  • Stirrer
  • Hand gloves
  • Nose mask


  • Water: This is a natural solvent therefore it creates a smooth platform for chemicals to interact, (use warm water both because its perfect for paint making, but also because it has some serious crazy health benefits)
  • Yellow oxide: This is a general additive which increases the color intensity according to the content applied.
  • Titanium oxide: This helps the paint to adhere to the wall or surface where it is applied on.
  • Paste: It gives the preferential color to the content of the paint.
  • PVA (emulsion): It helps in paint retention, increases the bleeding resistance and prevents the aging of the paint.
  • Thickener: It helps to bind the paint and confer on it a concealing property.
  • Formalin: It serves as a fungicidal agent and hence eliminates the choking odor resulting from chemical interaction which is especially relevant.
  • Calcium oxide: This is a white additive that is smooth in texture and most of all it serves as a filler that gives the paint a desired body all other materials are embedded in and facilitates the drying time for the paint.

Now here comes the fun part lol


  • First off fill the buckets with 10 liters of water in each bucket.
  • Add a handful (don’t forget your gloves) of yellow oxide pigment and mix quickly.
  • Pour in a handful of titanium oxide pigment and mix quickly.
  • Add calcium carbonate into a ratio of 16.6kg in each bucket and turn with a stirrer and mash with gloves on your hand to eliminate any suspension that is soluble and stir evenly.
  • Pour paste and stir.
  • Also add your PVA (additives) of about 1/6kg and stir.
  • Disperse the thickener in a little bow of water to make it a solution and then add it to the previous solutions in the bucket and stir continuously for 35 minutes (Don’t forget to keep your masks and gloves on at all time).
  • Finally add a little content of formalin and stir equally.


In conclusion, I want to say thanks for taking your time to read this article!! be sure to come back for more interesting articles as well.


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