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Five Men In The Bible Who Lived The Longest

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According to WHO (world health organization) as at 2015 71.4 years was the average life expectancy at birth of the global population.
Compared to olden days there is a huge difference between then and now.
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And now what you possibly came here to see, here’s the list of men in bible who have lived the longest,without counting those, who like Moses were resurrected and are still alive in Heaven.

These men will be presented in descending order with man number 5 being the oldest person ever.

(5) Seth
In fifth position we have Seth, Adam’s third son who replaced righteous Abel. He lived for nine hundred and twelve (912) years. (See Gen. 5:8). It is through his line that the whole world comes from.

(4) Adam
In fourth position we have Adam himself. The man whom God created with his own hands lived for nine hundred and thirty (930) years. (See Gen. 5:5). You would have expected him to live the longest since God formed him with His own hands and he had direct access for a short while to the tree of life before he sinned, but dealing with the fact that his sin and that of his wife blighted the world with a curse could not have been easy to deal with, not to mention being most certainly blamed by his descendants for all the world’s evils and sorrows.

(3) Noah

In third place is good old Noah (no pun intended) who preached for one hundred and twenty years to try to save all the people he could and in the end only his family, eight persons, came into the Ark that he had built to escape the great Flood. He lived for nine hundred and fifty (950) years.

(2) Jared
In second spot we have Jared of whom we know little except that his son Enoch walked
with God for three hundred years and was so perfect that God carried him to Heaven
without dying. Jared lived to be nine hundred and sixty-two (962) years. (See Gen. 5:20).

(1) Methuselah
The title of longest liver goes to Methuselah, Enoch’s son, who lived for nine hundred and sixty-nine (969) years, seven years more than his grand-father Jared. (See Gen. 5:27). It could be said that Enoch was the oldest man that ever lived and Methuselah, his son, is the oldest man who ever died.

A hint has been presented as to why Methuselah, the son of prophet Enoch, lived so long. His name is a combination of two Hebrew words, the first meaning “death” and the second meaning “spouting.” His name has been loosely translated as “when he shall die the Flood [or spouting]shall come.” Indeed the records show that the same year that Methuselah died the Flood came – after one thousand six hundred and fifty-six (1656) years and not two thousand years as is commonly believed. All the data comes from Genesis chapter 5 on wards. Methuselah’s prophetic name was a sign of the probation of the antediluvian world. Their probation was not only the one hundred and twenty (120) years of Noah’s preaching but the whole nine hundred and sixty-nine years of Methuselah’s life. He lived the longest because God was merciful not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. (See 2 Peter 3:9) No matter how long you live, live for Jesus. It has been said that it does not matter how you die but it matters how you live.

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